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This product comes in a set with a dedicated AC adapter (recommended).

The ROCKMAN chorus masterpiece is brought back to life by a compact pedal!

This is the second "STEREO CHORUS" following the "GENERATOR", which was created based on the concept of "the distortion sound of ROCKMAN in a compact and easy to use package"!

It is a chorus with analog BBD. It has a sweet and soft sound that goes well with distorted guitars. Please try it with "SUSTAINOR".

Deep Chorus has a wide range of adjustment.The range of the Deep Chorus has been widened. The original ON state at the center position, and "further on" sound can be created above the center position.

The "ROCKNAN" circuit was redesigned and assembled at a factory in Japan. This model series overcame the weak points of the original circuit, such as noise reduction, and was completely supervised by TC Gakki in the development of a new product that allows you to enjoy the ROCKMAN sound in a simple way!

We have received many complaints from our users that the original units are expensive, and they are worried about maintenance and breakdowns, or that they do not fit in the effects board because of their rack type shape.... Now, with the new compact effectors, you can easily take them with you to the studio or other places!

Sweep Speed: Adjustable from 0.25Hz to 1Hz.
Deep Chorus: Adds a doubler effect (depth) to the chorus, Deep Chorus: Adds a doubler effect (depth) to the chorus, and can be set to Off at minimum, On at the center, and "further on" above the center.
Direct Mixer: Three output patterns can be selected depending on the application.
Wide Stereo: Chorus with stereo output, creating a spacious effect by overlapping the positive and reverse phases.
Normal: General stereo effect can be experienced, and monaural output is also possible. Good balance of depth and spaciousness.
Equal: Both stereo and monaural outputs are possible. In stereo, Sweep Speed is very fast and depth is shallow. In mono, Sweep Speed is fast and the chorus is deep.

*The serial numbers are different for each.



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