Golden Age Project R1 Mk3 Active Ribbon Microphone


Combine the stability of a FET amplifier and the warmth of an ribbon and you get the smooth, mellow sound of the R1 Mk3.

Manufacturer Description:

The R1 Active Mk3 is a very cool mic that combines the best of two worlds; the warmth of a ribbon and the stability of a F.E.T. buffer amplifier. This means that you can use the R1 Active MkIII with long cables and virtually any pre-amp featuring 48V phantom power. A clean and clear sound, yet warm and punchy is what the R1 Active Mk3 will deliver in most cases. We love it on drums, as an ambience mic or in pairs for O.H. pickup, but it sounds great on most instruments. The R1 Active MkIII is in fact a very versatile mic even suitable for some sensitive vocal recording! And even more so now when the mk3 version includes switches for low cut and 10dB pad.


  • A stunning realism with the feeling of being-there
  • The typical large and mellow ribbon sound quality with a very smooth top end and an extended low end. 
  • A fast and life-like transient reproduction.
  • An ultra-high SPL capability, 160 dB SPL (1% THD @ 1000Hz) and a very high sensitivity for a ribbon microphone, similar to many condenser microphones.

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