Grace Design Model m906 5.1 Monitoring System (With Remote)


5.1 Monitoring System/ Converter

Manufacturer Description:

-Multiple 5.1 and stereo analog inputs
-24bit/192kHz digital 5.1 and stereo inputs- AES3, S/PDIF, ADAT and TOSLINK
-s-Locktm phase lock loop word clock regeneration for ultra-low jitter and rock solid digital stability
-Precision main and headphone level controls with a 100dB range in 0.5 dB steps
-All controls built into an elegant, convenient desktop remote control unit
-All I/O and audio are routed in a 2U rack mount mainframe with an external 1U 1/2 rack power supply
-Multiple speaker set selection- two surround sets, up to 3 stereo sets
-High current audiophile headphone amplifier built in- one output jack on remote control unit and one on the mainframe unit
-Complete system level calibration (inputs, outputs, inter-channel balance, dim) and individual channel solo/mute;
-Balanced talkback microphone input and activation switch with additional external foot switch control jackp
-Fixed level 5.1 DAC output for direct digital transfers;

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