Grace Design Model m802 Remote Microphone Preamp


8 Channel, Remotely controlled microphone preamplifier

What we think:

This unit is sold as the mic-pre only. If you wish to get the remote feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff for price/availability on the m802 RCU!

Manufacturer Description:

When we set out to develop the new m802 eight channel remote control microphone preamplifier, we knew we had our work cut out for us. After all, the finest audio engineers in music recording, film scoring, major artist tours and premier recording schools have relied on the model 801R system for its sonic performance and reliability for years.

So the newly designed m802 system boasts many significant upgrades, which not only set it apart from its beloved predecessor, but from any other high performance mic preamplifier available.

The m802 can be controlled directly from Digidesign ProTools|HD systems, compatible control surfaces and many other MIDI devices. Working closely with Digidesign, our engineers have adapted their control spec to directly address the m802 as an integrated part of a ProTools|HD system. Additionally, the m802 can be controlled by a wide variety of MIDI mappable devices, making it easily integrated into a wide variety of remote recording situations.

DPA 4000 series 130V microphones are widely regarded as some of the finest reference-quality microphones available. But with a 130V power requirement, microphone preamplifier options have been limited. So we have made the m802 an excellent compliment for DPA microphones by adding a 130V power option, available on a per channel pair basis.

Most model 801R users would happily testify that was the ultimate transparent, high-fidelity mic amplifier circuitry. And while they wouldn?t be wrong, we weren?t quite done tweaking. First, the signal path of the m802 has been updated to be fully balanced from start to finish, resulting in a noticeable dynamic range improvement. Next, output current has been increased so that even longer audio cable runs can be achieved without signal loss. Finally, we have included a provision for a high definition 24-bit/192 kHz converter card in the future.

We have completely redesigned the Remote Control Unit (RCU) to provide greatly improved ergonomics and system control. The updated RCU now offers dedicated individual channel select switches and we have added a highly visible blue LED numeric display for channel gain settings. The RCU will effortlessly control a system of eight m802s from up to 1000? away. And both the RCU and the m802 now come with a high contrast, easy on the eyes white backlight LCD.

The m802 system now resides in the same bold, stainless steel chassis as our m series monitoring systems, which is quite rugged and easy to maintain.

Whatever your application, we invite you to discover the remarkable sonic performance, functionality and reliability of our new m802. We?re confident that it will help you make the finest recordings of your career.


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