Great River Electronics 32EQ Harrison 500 Series EQ


Designed after the legendary vintage tone of the Harrison 32 Series console EQ, the 32EQ module features 4 independent frequency bands, high and low-pass filters, "peaking" switches for the low and high bands, and a smooth, musical tone.

What we think:

Modeled after the creamy warmth and smoothness of the venerable Harrison console's EQ, the Great River Harrison 32EQ has become one of our favorite 500 series EQs. Why? Well, frankly, it's hard to think of an application where the 32EQ wouldn't be an excellent fit. While not squeaky clean, the Harrison's warm and musical tone is just present enough to add depth and enhancement, however never is it overbearing. It's adaptive Q filters help ensure the most musically pleasing results, be it more tight and narrow at larger boost/cut values, or gentle and wide at smaller levels. This also results in a very easy to use EQ as it causes you to make decisions based off of feel and your ears, rather than specific numbers. 
There aren't too many console EQ's legendary enough to demand a 500 series clone, but after a very short period with this warm, musical, and easy to use EQ, you'll clearly understand why Great River took the time to re-create this incredible EQ in 500 series format.

Manufacturer Description:

The 32EQ is a new 500-series version of the EQ and filters from the renowned Harrison 32 Series consoles.  The 32EQ incorporates the original specifications and with support directly from the original designers at Harrison Consoles it is guaranteed that the prized characteristics of the original were maintained in the new design.
Like all Great River and Harrison products, the 32EQ is designed and built in the USA.


The 32EQ has the full features of the 32-series EQ:
  • Low, Low-Mid, Hi-Mid, and High EQ bands with Gain and Frequency controls
  • Low and High Band "peaking" switches
  • EQ in/out switch
  • Harrison's renowned High- and Low-pass filters with sweepable frequency
  • Filter in/out switch
  • An Internal jumper provides selection of the "vintage" feedback design, or a non-feedback option

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