RARE Hard to find vintage "lawsuit era" acoustic in Excellent Condition

Greco 1973 F-400 Acoustic - True "lawsuit" era guitar from Japan.
This Guitar Sounds amazing.
One of the "lawsuit" era F Series guitars that Greco produced in the '70s. This one is hard to detect repro of a MARTIN D28. The f-400 is hard enough to find in Asia, and extremely rare in the USA. A highly sought-after version of the Greco F Series manufactured in Japan during the era that gained them a reputation of being exceptional luthiers / makers of fine acoustics.

A piece of rebel history that sounds and looks amazing.

This guitar's sound is gorgeous, similar to the Martin and to YAMAHA red label

Produced in Japan - verified by the neck and hall stamps.
It is a No. 1-2 series, that has the highest level of quality for that series, and unique history.

Excellent condition. Looks great, sounds greater.

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