One of but a few, this sparkling green Montreux Archtop from Michael Greenfield is the pinnacle of contemporary archtop construction. If Michael's hands have touched it, you know the guitar is going to be a knock-out--and this one fits the bill nicely. With gorgeous Quilted Maple back and sides and a Spruce top finished to an emerald hue, this guitar exudes an aura of originality and excitement. Unplugged, the voice is silky and expressive, with trebles that are well-balanced. When the custom-wound Armstrong pickup employed, that voice powerful and absorbing with amplification. Now, as you may know, Greenfield's archtops are hard to come by. They have a notoriety that is due only in part to the fact that Michael doesn't build them very often, but does so to his exacting standards. As such, the craftsmanship on this instrument is stellar, from the voicing of the top to the adjustable bridge (which works by using different included shims to raise or lower the string height) and the all-Ebony hinged tailpiece. This one has fallen into our lap, but it won't be there for long. This is Paul Hinton's personal guitar, and was played by Joe Finn before him, who called it the "Green Iguana."Follow the link below to hear Paul's arrangement of "Georgia On My Mind" and "Misty," where you can see for yourself how a big-bodied archtop from Michael Greenfield can manage to sound huge and intimate at the same time. the link below to hear Al Petteway's take on this excellent instrument!

Year Condition Color
Call Very Good Quilted Maple


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