Greenhandle Tweed 1X8

Our Perspective:

Built here in CT, Greenhandle amplifiers offers top-quality, boutique-class, hand-built '50s tweed amp recreations. The quality of these amplifiers is second to none. If you are looking for a real-deal '50s tweed amp but can't afford the vintage prices or risky reliability, you cannot do better than Greenhandle amplifiers.

From the manufacturer's web site:

Greenhandle Music is my best effort to build the highest quality amps using 21st century parts and technology. Starting with old school layouts and designs, I personally build every one of these amps with the finest modern parts and technology I can find. This attention to detail renders an amp with all the original tone as defined by the great amp builders of the past but with superior reliability and lower noise floors. In this new world of small studios and home recording, it is impossible to have an original 50’s Tweed at every location. Also, original early amps have become too valuable to take out on tour to be stolen or beaten to death by the rigors of the road. Greenhandle Amps attempts to puts these tone monsters comfortably back in the hands of the working musician.

This 5F1 inspired chassis follows the original schematic closely. Greenhandle modifications include isolated input and output jacks with modified star grounding scheme. Also, the output jack was changed to a ¼ phone for easy cabinet or speaker swap. A Mercury Magnetics power transformer was selected with a modified secondary to adjust for modern AC line voltage. This, in conjunction with a NOS rectifier tube, ensures the B+ voltage remains appropriately low for the power and preamp tubes. This Mercury power transformer also provides a center tapped heater circuit that, combined with tightly twisted heater wires, keeps the AC noise to a minimum. Shielded coaxial wire was used as well to eliminate as much noise as possible in the early preamp section. Finally, all Greenhandle amps come with a custom built 1/16” G-10 Garolite Turret Board allowing for secure installation and easy parts replacement.
• Mercury Magnetics Transformers
• Weber 8” Sig 8S 4 Ohm Alnico Speaker
• Tung-Sol 6V6GT Power (New Sensor)
• Electro-Harmonix 12AX7 Pre Amp
• Tung-Sol 5Y3GT (NOS) Rectifier
• Sprague Filter Capacitors
• Mallory Decoupling Capacitors
• Carbon Comp Resistors
• Alpha Potentiometer
• Greenhandle Built Custom Pine Cabinet

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