A stunning example of a no issues 100% original guitar, single cut hollow body, 2 PAF Filtertron pu,s., open back Grover tuners, perfect binding, Bigsby, gold hdwr, early smooth pu surrounds, perfect gold signpost pick guard, neo thumbprint ebony fingerboard, Bigsby bar bridge, larger then usual neck feel, same specs as Brian Setzers, ex. tone and playability, w/ohc

Voltage Guitars

Voltage Guitars

Light Orange
Original Hard
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Voltage Guitars
Lloyd Chiate
818 509-1344
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Tues - Sat 11 to 6.

Send us a money order, a bank check, wire transfer, or phone in your credit card information. Visa, MC, AmEx.

Within the USA please add $38 for UPS/ground with tracking. For FedEx please call as the rate can vary.

You will have 2 days from delivery to let us know if you like the piece. If you return it to us via UPS or FedEx in the same condition as it was received, we will refund the instrument's price, minus the shipping cost and credit card transaction fee (2.5% for VISA, MC and 2.9% for AmEx). Voltage has a "two-thirds" buy back policy. If you wish to sell an instrument back to us in the same condition as when you bought it originally, we will give you two thirds of its purchase price, minus taxes and shipping costs.