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Here we an exceptional 1955 Gretsch 6130 Round Up complete with its original tweed case.  I am not going to lie to you, so many 1950’s Gretsch are wall-hangers!  There, I’ve said it! Thankfully we don’t deal in those.  This one is arguably the finest example you’ll ever find.  We all need a solid body Gretch in our collection, so if you’re a collector, read on!

This stunning and all original 1955 Gretsch 6130 Round Up is firstly a masterpiece and I hope the photos do it justice.  It is secondly and more importantly, in what we would call perfect playing condition.  The neck angle is like-new and the bridge is sitting exactly where it should be with decades upon decades left in its respective intonation.  Just like the 57 Silver Jet and the Cadillac Green Duo Jets we currently have in stock, this one sits in the outstanding category for both a collector and a player.  We simply do not buy 1950’s Gretsch if they don’t play like a Fender and our stock certainly plays as good as they ever have done!

These single coil DeArmond pickups are operating at absolute full power and offer a massive sound and output.  The neck is in exceptional condition as are the western inlays and fingerboard.  There is some slight finish wear around the cowboy chord area on the back of the neck.  The frets and nut are good and it plays perfectly.

We will let the photos do most of the talking in terms of condition.  This piece was pro artist owned and has therefore been played while clearly been taken care of.  There is some natural playwear on the front of the body but overall the finish on the body is still shining and not worn off.  Now for the cool part: the pickguard IS ORIGINAL.  Go look online and search for a 50’s Round Up and I assure you the pickguard will not be original., it will likely be a wall-hanger too!  This one has its original pickguard which is in super clean and crack free condition.    

The pots, electrics, wiring, and switches are all original and operate without any noise or issues.  The only alteration is for some unknown reason, completely beyond my comprehension, is that the back of the body has been given a light overspray.  The back of the neck and the rest of the entire guitar has not been over-sprayed (request black light photos).  I have absolutely no idea why someone would wake up one morning and decide “I’m going to apply some light overspray to the back of my Round Up.”  It makes no sense to me but if I didn’t tell you you’d likely never know.  Here at JTKM STUDIO we pride ourselves on honest, reliable, and accurate descriptions, something which cannot be said for other UK vintage guitar dealers.

There you have it, one of the finest Gretsch Round Up’s you’ll likely ever find.

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Very Good
Western Orange
Original Hard
Joni Thompson
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