Well she's not perfect, but she's priced right. A 1957 Chet Atkins 6120 with two Dynasonics and Bigsby Vibrato. The guitar is basically all original but has seen many, many years of country music bar gigs! All the parts are original except for the treble pickup which I replaced with an original 50s Dynasonic. The original pickup was dead and I will include it with the guitar if you want to rewind it and put it back in. The original cover was gold plated, but the replacement is chrome. If you know about these pickups it is almost impossible to remove the cover without breaking the pickup. So, there have been some repairs. TheĀ  fretboard was removed and the neck leveled. The two wings of the headstock have been repaired with what may be some screws. These separate all the time, now they are tight. The pickguard has been chopped up a bit, but that's cosmetic. And a much larger jack-plate has been added (I didn't look under there). But the guitar sounds great, plays very good, and all the electronics work well. If anything it need new frets, these are the originals, and are quite small. A refret would be great, but that's up to the buyer. The guitar comes with the original case which is sturdy but stained brown on the outside.

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