Gretsch 6.5x14 G4164 Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum


The Classic Is Back!

What we think:

This a very understated, but complex snare.  The mirror finish on it is very clean and seamless, and the small detail running around the center of the drum adds a custom look.  On first impressions, this drum just looks tough wuth its die cast hoops, and a very solid strainer and throw off.  Which was actually one of my favorite parts of this drum.  The strainer is on one side, and the throw off on the opposite.  This way you can use both hands to adjust the snares, which I was a huge fan of.

Hidden under it’s strong exterior, this drum produces a very musical note, that was far more controlled and subtle than I expected.  Dynamics perform very well, and the Gretsch heads included with the snare have a very soft and comfortable feel.  I was pleasantly surprised by this snare.  The brass was far warmer than I expected, and I certainly enjoyed playing it.  

Manufacturer Description:

The G-4000 series metal snares feature a wide variety of metal shells and sizes. All snares feature Lightning throw-off, top and bottom diecast hoops, center knurl pattern, "Snap-in" key holder, "Drop G" stop sign badge, Permatone coated top heads with white sound dot and clear snare-side heads. 14" snares include 42-strand snare wires, 13" snares have 20-strand wires.

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