Gretsch 6x13 Solid Maple Single Ply Snare Drum G5-0613SSM


G-5000 Solid Walnut and Maple single-ply wood snare drums are USA made in our Ridgeland, SC Custom Drum Shop.  All models are available in either Lightning or Dunnett throw-off and butt plate. The shells are finished in clear Nitro Cellulose gloss lacquer to enhance the wood’s intrinsic beauty.

Manufacturer Description:

The Walnut shells are hand crafted and include solid maple reinforcement hoops to ensure true shell roundness. Walnut offers a dark and throaty fundamental timbre, but still projects plenty of attack and tonal presence.

Due to the single-ply shell characteristics and handmade quality, each new G-5000 snare is capable of projecting vibrant, cutting tones that are balanced by an overall warm and complex sound.


  • 30 degree bearing edges
  • Die-cast hoops
  • 20 strand snare wires
  • Coated Permatone batter head with underside dot and clear snare-side head

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