Gretsch 5.5 x 14 Maple Wood Hoop Snare Drum Natural


Beautiful warm hoops!

What we think:

The 10-ply, glossy-finished shell is complemented by the wood hoops and chrome hardware to offer a classy and slightly traditional look. The workmanship is excellent, and details such as the silver sealer interior and octagonal Gretsch badge are present. The lugs and snare throw and butt look well balanced with the drum. The throw mech itself releases the wires with a simple drop-off action, levering away and down from the shell. Looking for modern vintage sounds? Look no further.

Manufacturer Description:

Gretsch’s new wood batter hoop takes the concept of contoured wood hoops one-step further. Featuring a 10- ply all-maple shell with 30-degree bearing edges, both the batter and resonant wood hoops are contoured to enhance the fundamentally warm wood tones. The contoured hoops emit a naturally open tone.

Both S-6514WMH and S-6514WH resonant-side hoops have notches at the throw-off and butt plate positions to allow the throw-off mechanism to fully engage and disengage with ease. The batter side hoop is also notched to allow easy access to the throw-off lever. The throw-off is a new Gretsch drop-style that augments the functionality and visual appeal of this snare drum.


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