Gretsch 8x14 Full Range Swamp Dawg Mahogany Snare Drum


Get the warmth of mahogany!

What we think:

The Gretsch Swamp Dawg is a beautiful, 8-tube snare that offers a versatile and different sound to the world-renowned Gretsch drum line. The deep 8?x14? mahogany shell creates a dark, "low fi", swampy sound at lower tunings, which offers some amazingly unique and classic rock reminiscent tones. Tune it up a bit and you'll get a full sound with saturated attack. Gretch's hand-crafted, top-quality design with solid 6-ply mahogany shell is made so the drum will cut through your band's sound and look beautiful laying back on the stage.

Manufacturer Description:

The Gretsch Swamp Dawg is from The Gold Series Snare Drums. You'll find this drum to have a very expanded tuning range due to it's 8x14 Mahogany Shell. When tuned low it will have swampy, dark, throaty almost lofi sound. Similar to the sound popular in many recordings from the 70's. When tuned to medium to high the snare will have a high level of attack and projection while still maintaining a full body sound. You'll find the Swamp Dawg to be versatile and useful drum that work well in many musical rolls.

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