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Here we have an exceptionally rare 1956 Gretsch 6169 Electromatic Western Twin which is in fully original condition (minus the usual service parts) with fully working tremolo.  You want 'that Gretsch sound?' then read on!

You may have to wait decades to find one as clean, original, and in fully working order which happens to be for sale.  These Valco made amps, albeit simple in their design, are equipped with two 6SC7 preamp tubes, two 6V6GT output tubes, 5Y3 rectifier, cathode-bias and two iconic 6” by 11” oval speaker and a 4” tweeter speaker.  They have a rate settable tremolo which was something Fender didn’t have in the mid 1950's and I can tell you first hand, it sounds fantastic.

These amps are perfect for just about any Gretsch from the 1950’s and kitted out to match.  Visually, especially in person, it us jaw dropping.  You cannot help looking at it.  These stay clean in the lower registers and offer you some wonderful breakup when turned up.  

The amp doesn’t need to be serviced but we will send it for a service and final check over upon purchase.

The amp is all original and runs on 110 voltage.  You will need a step up/down external transformer to use this amp within the UK.

There you have it, yet another masterpiece at JTKM STUDIO.

Amps are sold strictly as-is as stated in our terms and conditions.



White Hide
Joni Thompson
6:05 PM
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