This beautiful 1955 Gretsch Rancher (serial # 14076) has been in my collection for 20 years.

When I purchased the guitar, the original pickguard had already disintigrated so I had a new custom pickguard made. The guitar also has a newer nut. There are two small circular marks on the bridge and some glue residue on the truss rod cover from small stickers that have been removed. Also, there are two small depressions on the eyes of the steer head inlay on the headstock from where rhinestones had been glued(!). Other than that, the Rancher is all original including all parts and finish.

The action is low and very comfortable - the guitar has not had a neck set and does not need one. 

There are no cracks anywhere. The frets and fingerboard are in very good shape, showing minimal wear. There are no loose braces and the bridge is not lifting. These guitars have a slightly curved top so the end of the bridge always has a small gap. 

Comes in a very sturdy non original hardshell case.

Despite the large body, Rancher's do not have a boomy sound. The tone is more similar to an archtop and records very well.


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