The Fuller Drive with Boost is a double Pedal with the Fuller Drive and the Clean Boost.
A super dynamic overdrive in combination with a high headroom clean Boost. Both “pedals” work individually.
The Fuller Drive pedal is amazing sounding and one of the best overdrive pedals you can buy. The Fuller Drive is a FET driven overdrive to make your amp sound like a cranked vintage British amp. From very low gain (almost clean) to cranked overdrive. A very natural and touch-sensitive pedal, which cleans up when you turn your guitar volume down. Works great with any guitar and amplifier. If you’re playing in a small venue and you’re not able to crank up your amp, this is the pedal to go. Opens up and widens your sound. You don’t want to turn it off again. Works great for bass as well.

Overland Express

Overland Express

Brand New
Black on Soft White
23 Years
Overland Express
Dave or Beth Schaefer
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