Don Grosh guitars represent a foundation of the boutique guitar movement.  They were early in...and have demonstrated the staying power through years of newcomers/goers.  Don is personally involved in the day-to-day operations of his builds.  I would say that tonally his guitars are as consistent as I've found (piece to piece).

The Hollowtron is my favorite model.  These are extremely rare because of the intense labor to create.  New these are in the upper-$6ks with a very long wait...and compared to other contenders these are worth every penny.  Used the Hollowtron is a steal.  The finest quilt maple top.  BRAZILIAN BOARD (with CITIES Paperwork).   TV Jones Pickups.  Just 7lb-10oz.   A perfect balance of woods and weight.

The hollowtron has a nice crispness in the notes that allow it to stand uniquely in it's tonal footprint.  It is not a dark 'cardboard' sounding semi.  Rather it allows the guitar to sound like an amplified acoustic with electric warmth, playability and guts.  If you love gain this guitar will handle it with ease.  I find guitars that sound clear clean handle gain the best...this is no different.

The complete range of specs and detailed condition can be found in the attached sheet.  I try hard to give as much information as possible on each instrument I carry.  Don't you wish others would invest the time to do the same...rather than "ahhh it's clean mahhhhnnnnn"



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