Vintage 1965 Hoboken-made Guild F212 12-string. Solid spruce and mahogany. A real warhorse, but rock solid now... It's been through a lot, but nothing fatal, and it's back in playing shape. It had not been cared for very well, and was obviously left under string tension for an extended period, so here goes... Several repaired top cracks. Only one, the classic "pickguard crack" had been amateurishly hacked. Three others below the bridge were not touched. The PG crack was pretty severe and had separated, and also had some glue sloppily gooped into it. It cleaned up well, but far from perfectly. It is now solidly cleated (almost flat), and the finish has been touched up and blended out but not re-tinted. If you're good at this kind of work you could always try to match the color better and make it flatter, but that might require taking the finish down to the wood. The cracks below the bridge were never bad, and I cleated them just tightly enough to get them flat and stable. I made no attempt to hide them cosmetically, but, again, you could choose to do so. There is another light crack to the bass side of the cleated ones, but it does not move so it has not been touched. The truss rods had been badly over-tightened, but amazingly neither was broken or stripped. The end of one was actually bent a little (shouldn't truss-rods require a permit, kinda like a handgun?), but I trimmed the excess bolt with a Dremel to fit it back under the cover. Yeah, don't ask, don't tell, don't look. No, but seriously, both rods turn and hold and do not rattle or buzz. Dodged a bullet there. There are a couple spots where the headstock overlay has pulled up along the edges, but this is minor. Plenty of wear and tear all around, but no significant damage. Looks like a bit of a clunk with some small cracks along the bottom near the end pin, but it doesn't look like anything went through.
So the good stuff... Well, this is a decent looking, good playing, and awesome sounding Hoboken Guild 12-string for 2/3 to 1/2 what a clean one would go for. A great way for the workin' stiff to put an awesome "niche" guitar in their stable for not a lotta dough. High E 12th fret action is still a little high at 9/64, but with the uber-thin neck and by just being a Guild it still plays and intonates as it should. Just a bit more neck relief than ideal (wood memory, ya know), but light years from the archery implement that it used to be :( The tone of course is absolutely sublime. Sorry for such tedious detail here, but I want to make sure you know what you're getting for your $$$.

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
12:46 PM

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