Really nice 1959 Guild T 100 Slim Jim. The very desirable model with two of the larger cream-cover pups and the Hoboken "ghost" label. All original parts, but new binding all around. Had deteriorated 100%. Just a little roughness here and there along the bass side where a previous owner was careless with removal, but nothing serious. Finish is really strong, even on back. Because there is no back binding on this model, there is a little wear and tear around the back edge, but nothing garish. Nice player, and great tone. I have a vintage non-original straight-saddle bridge on there just for intonation, but the original is included and is in excellent shape. It is, however, compensated for a wound G, and the offset is HUGE. Really tough to intonate with an unwound G, hence, swapping in the other bridge. Non-original HS case.

Hootenanny Vintage Guitars

10 Years
Hootenanny Vintage Guitars
Thomas Patrick Diggins
Youngstown, OH
11:17 AM

Real charges only - no added materials or handling charges. All guitars insured for full value. I will use the least expensive shipping available, although this may be slow in some circumstances (e.g. parcel post). Please let me know if you desire a faster, albeit more, expensive service. Please allow 2 - 4 days of time to prepare and pack your guitar IN ADDITION to the actual shipping transit.

NO buyer's remorse PLEASE! Damage or loss in shipping = insurance claim (with which I will be glad to assist you). At my discretion, a disatistfied buyer may return a guitar (with a thorough explanation) for a full refund of purchase price but not of shipping. I'd rather begrudgingly take back a guitar than truly disappoint a customer. If, however, I have ever made a serious error in identification/originality/damage etc. that negatively affects a guitar's value, then a full refund including shipping will be given. PLEASE file any return claims ASAP - seven days at most.