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The world-famous (and now rare) Gurian guitars are both unique and most wonderful in the realm of top-line American-made instruments. There is nothing quite like them anywhere for tone, feel and looks and I am very proud to say that I had a small hand in their coming to life in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Michael Gurian was then and is to this day my very closest personal friend, and we worked together on many projects over the years. The construction of Gurian guitars is solid and robust, as few others are, and their overall performance is absolutely unmatched. From the late 1960s through the late 70s there were several guitar makers and restorers clustered around the corner of Carmine and Bedford Streets in the heart of Greenwich Village here in New York. We all seemed to want to be near each other for camaraderie and I’ll warrant comfort: Michael Gurian, myself, Lucien Barnes, Eugene Clark, Dave Rubio, Freddie Mejila, Tom Hom, Tom Humphries, maybe one or two more. The Gurian steel-string models came about after Michael’s having been an internationally-renowned builder of classical guitars and lutes for many years. He decided one day to take on the steel-string world and it took off from there. This particular guitar is a Model SJR, the most sought-after one today. The “J” is for Jumbo and the “R” is for rosewood. Its overall volume is that of the ever-popular dreadnaughts that everyone else seems to make, but its body shape and bracing are unique, and are what are responsible for giving it its proprietary, beautiful sound. Like all Gurians the top is of Sitka spruce, the fingerboard of the finest ebony, and the bridge of rosewood. The tuning machines are also of course the very, very best: genuine German-made Schallers. The frets are original and virtually unworn, and the cosmetic condition is excellent with only a few small dings here and there. There are no cracks, anywhere. We have gone over this Gurian thoroughly in our own shop and could not be happier to have it here. Comes with its original American-made hard shell case. $2995 w/ohsc

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Matt Umanov Guitars

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