Wow! c. 1962 Swedish-made Hagstrom Futurama (BTW, could also be the Kent model) in uber-rare dark orange. Pretty much burnt sienna. Remember the Crayola color they tried to retire but everybody rioted? Yeah, that's the one. The large script logo on the body dates this one to the early 60s. Very interesting model, with hard plastic body top wedded to a poplar or basswood body which is covered in a softer vinyl on back. Has the classic swimming pool between the pups (if you know Hagstrom, you know what that means). Two single coils with a kind of wonky Euro control set-up. On/off for each pup, two different treble attenuation switches, and a master volume. Interesting and very usable tremolo. Great condition. Plays great too! One small top crack emanating from one of the switch mounting screws, but very minor. The soft vinyl is 100% intact everywhere, including where it meets the top's hard plastic, even at the cutaways. These are notorious for drying and cracking plastic here, but this one is 100% solid. Very hot and trebly tone from both pups, and blended they sound like a Tele's middle position on 'roids. The tone switches aren't all that useful, so you'll probably control things at your amp. The master volume likely needs a cleaning, as it only controls the volume for its lower third or so, and it has a couple of scratchy spots there too. I have chosen NOT to disassemble the guitar to clean the electronics, however, because I'm more concerned about taking care of the soft plastic on the back. I'd hate to see someone damage that irreplaceable original covering by opening everything up. I'm probably just being a ninny, but I'd consult with the Hagstrom community (yeah, they're out there) before doing so. I've made two performance mods that have not required changes to the guitar. I replaced the rather odd original bridge with a tune-omatic (just a run-of-the-mill MIK unit) for better stability and intonation. No changes to guitar - fits on original posts. Also, I replaced the rather badly over-grooved nut with a tusque nut, in black too to match the original. Alleviated some unacceptable buzzing. Original parts are in case (non-original hardshell). This has to be one of the rarest Hagstrom elecs out there. Comes with two hens' teeth, which, BTW, are slightly more common than this guitar!

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