Harden Engineering is making some very vibey products...I'm happy that 4 pre-owned Hardens found their way to me at once. Why? ask...because I have a chance to test out their consistency and playability in real time.  My findings?....these guitars are consistently warm and full tonally...they remind me of old Gibson 330s with that warm bottom end.  They highs are very smooth and retain their clarity/cut.   Construction is often guitars are made to photograph well (but up close you cringe at what you find)...not so with a Harden.

Value?...well consider these are priced where many of the mainstream boutique guitars are being sold (the 'boutique guitars' that have 200+ for sale new on eBay)....consider these are hand made....consider they are not visual knockoffs or partscasters....consider they have a tone that sounds old fashioned and broken in (not stiff and reflective).   NOW consider you can find a variety of clean ones USED at a discount....see my point?....still don't get it?...OH you have a trade? worries...I won't duck your call like the guy who sold it to you.



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