Heres one you don’t see every day! A Harmony H1007 Caribbean in Spring Green! The Caribbean line was introduced in the 50s inspired by the thought of a beautiful Caribbean vacation. They released this model in 6 “Holiday Colorama” finishes but they all sported the super cool Harmometal.

Specs! Ebony nut measures 1 and 3/4″. It has a 24″ scale length. Painted maple fingerboard. The original 18 brass frets are in good condition. Birch body with aluminum harometal on top. Stained maple bridge.

This guitar would look great in any ones guitar collection. Much more then a wall hanger this one actually plays! Wether your trying to fill out your Harmony collection with one of the rarer models or want an awesome TV guitar this Caribbean will melt your heart. Get the vacation you deserve!

Year: 1950s

Model: Caribbean

Serial: NA

Finish: Spring Green

Case: This guitar comes with a modern gig bag.

Weight: 3 pounds and 7.5 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in good condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Super fun parlor with a unique look!

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