Up for sale, a 1965 Harmony Roy Smeck H7 console lap steel in exceptional, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. This vintage steel is complete with the optional screw-in console legs, as well as the original Roy Smeck slide, and dark blue hardshell case! Crafted in the USA, this steel benefitted from a little known collaboration between Harmony and Gibson, and as such, this steel features a wiring harness that is stock Gibson Kalamazoo-era goodness, with an original P-13 single coil pickup and Sprague "Black Beauty" tone cap. As the precursor to the P-90, Gibson's P-13 pickup is a similarly rich and growly overwound single coil pickup with a fairly dark overall tonal character and healthy output. This pickup can easily push your low wattage tube amp into sweet, sustaining overdrive, while still having a healthy dose of twang and top end chime on tap.

The clear lucite playing surface is quite clean, with a white fretboard that boasts vaguely Art Deco oval fret markers. The original open back tuners are intact, and since this is the Roy Smeck model, this particular Harmony typically did not have the brand name on the headstock.

Aside from the missing decorative bridge cover, all of the stock hardware is present, including the cream cupcake Volume and Tone knobs, as well as the original bridge. The wiring harness is untouched and stock, with one Stackpole and one CTS pot, the latter of which having the later date and conclusively dating this instrument to '65. All three original height adjustable aluminum legs are present with clean rubber feet and original wingnuts for securing the leg extensions.

Cosmetically, this is a very well cared for and original console lap steel, with some light yellowing of the nitro lacquer on the bottom tier of the body, and various small nicks and dings from honest use, but no serious or structural wear of any kind.

The original case is in remarkable shape, with all three working latches present, along with the stock handle. The exterior of the case is quite clean as well, with only a few minor scuffs and light corner wear.
Year Condition Color Case
1965 Excellent Tuxedo Original Hard

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