Harmony Silvertone "Sears & Roebuck" S1227 12-string Guitar 1972 | $575 | (V2037) A very clean, excellent condition example of a 1970s era Harmony 12-string, sold through Sears and Roebuck (who owned the Harmony company). The date stamp inside is S72, and the model number 'S1227' is stamped in the typical place near the heel block. I'll take a wild guess that the 'S' stands for 'Sears'!

The vast majority of Harmony-made instruments were made from solid wood. This is the second example we've had with the body made from 3-ply birch. This guitar was made in the waning years of the Harmony brand, but still shows the quality of workmanship one would expect in a post-WWII Harmony guitar. The neck sports a functioning truss rod, is likely poplar, and the fingerboard is the typical 'ebonized' wood. The top is finished natural, with the back, sides and neck painted a dark, chocolate-brown hue, giving the instrument an overall attractive look. The top is edged with painted white trim. The brown-painted headstock sports the Sears 'Atomic' logo which emits the colors of the prism in varying light.

The body measures 15 3/8" across at the lower bout, and the scale length is 25 1/4". The neck measures 2" across at the nut and is carved in a flat 'C' shape. String spacing is 2 7/16" across at the saddle.

The guitar is in overall pristine condition. Tuners, tail piece and bridge are all original. The pick guard has cracks at the three screw holes, and is warped from off-gassing, and would better serve the guitar if removed (an upgrade in our opinion, since screwed on pgs can be 'rattlers'). We recently reset the neck and dressed the frets. The action is set at a slinky-smooth 5/64" and the guitar plays quite easily. The sound produced is exactly like that of its solid birch kin .. bright, jangly with good sustain. Fun to play old blues and ragtime, but has a nice 'folkie' vibe when strummed.

This is surely one of the better values out there for an American-made 12-string guitar!

Comes with a soft case.

Check out the sound clip.

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