Up for grabs is this Cleveland ALNICO magnet guitar speaker(s).

*Price is per speaker/ 2 are available))

The really cool and unique thing about these is that they have TEN GRAM hemp fiber cones, which are very light weight, and give you a nice earlier break up tonality AND that they have brass cores/ Brass+ alnico + hemp = TONALITY with a capitol T. More on that in a bit...

They were completely re-fabricated at PMR in Ohio with all new OEM/ AMERICAN components. There are no after market, replacement, eBay or china junk in it, but ALL AMERICAN components..

The magnetic gap was verified with a gauss/flux probe and measured just fine so it was PURPOSELY NOT de-magnetized/re-magnetized. Some people say these old units sweeten with age and after hearing, I have to agree...

Then, they were "sent-to-paint", where a fresh coat of chromed paint was applied to make them look fresh as a daisy..

If you're after a "Power Vintage" tonality, this is for you

here's some info:

Diameter- 12"-

*Depth- 4"

*Frame- steel

*Hook- Up- standard spade terminals

*Front Mounting gaskets- yep

*Litz wires- .045"

*Spider- treated textile/cupped profile

*Dust cap- aluminum/ center vented lip down variety

*Voice Coil Diameter- 1.015"

*Coil former material- kapton

*Cone Profile- straight ribbed TEN gram non pressed

*Cone's neck Shape- conical

*Neck dip?- yes

*Power- 30

*Impedance- 8

*SPL- 95

*Frequency- 70Hz-6.5KHz

that'll give you guys a good idea how she's built..

The tonality of these speakers is VERY unique and desirable..The cores of these are actually brass. There's something magical about the sound when you mix brass cores + alnico magnets and hemp fiber cones. These cones are very light weight and non-repressed, giving them a very fast, lively, detailed, extended response, almost "compressed" tonality.

....The lows are fast and punchy. The midrange is fat, thick, and meaty, almost 3D in it's presentation. the high end is actually useable, as these don't have the usual "Ice-Pick, "Eye squint", or beaming issues like all the others..For several times the cost, you just can't beat these things......

*FULLY tested under diagnostics and operates without any rubbing, buzzing, holes, rips, tears, rot or adhesive failures, she works just peachy.....She's basically a new speaker, only BETTER .

Plus- I'm confident enough that you'll LOVE this one, that I am including my 15 day NO GAMBLE return option guarantee from delivery date (((less customer damage ))) if for ANY REASON you simply don't like it..

So, if you happen to have a need... or even a craving for a really cool 12" AlNiCo or 2 that's like new,,,, then here ya' go!!!

Hempopotamus LOUDspeakers

Hempopotamus LOUDspeakers

Call (2020 reissue)
Hempopotamus LOUDspeakers
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