Henriksen JazzAmp 112-ER Extended Range Guitar Combo Amplifier


Versatile 1x12 Jazz combo amp w/extended range!

What we think:

The 112-ER is a favorite at Sound Pure.  We have used this model on a variety of demo videos because it has an incredibly versatile range and makes all of our high end archtops sound their best!

The bass quality is thick and clear, the mids are present and focused, and the high end sparkles with the extended range tweeter engaged. It's everything the jazz player needs and can handle some acoustic guitar amplification as well!

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Manufacturer Description:

The JazzAmpTM 112-ER delivers amazing jazz tone over an incredible range of frequencies, from deep lows to sparkling highs. The most versatile of the JazzAmp combos, the 112-ER not only sounds great when used with an archtop, but also with flattop acoustic and nylon string guitars, electric and acoustic basses, and has even managed to satisfy a few very picky keyboard players. The 3 kHz and 10 kHz controls not only allow you to adjust the volume of the tweeter, but also allow you to equalize it in the overall mix to create the perfect blend for your desired tone.

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