Henriksen The Bud Combo Guitar Amplifier


Hyper-portable and versatile amp born and bred to gig! New 2016 Models with Effects Loops! 

What we think:

The bud is the smallest amp we have in the shop, but don't let that turn you off, because this is an amp that you could throw into any musical situation you could think of and be satisfied with the results. Variable frequency volume control allows you to dial in great natural tone that is reflective of your acoustic instrument's sound AND dial out unwanted frequencies that are feeding back. It also sounded great when we plugged in a thinline electric guitar and played some jazz, it was wonderfully transparent and mellow without being dark. The reverb on this little cube has a beautiful swell and can sound as big as barn if you want it to. Two channels mean you could play and sing a solo gig on the same amp, with separate freqeuncy controls, and only have the carry this little guy to the show. 

Manufacturer Description:

Do you want to have an amplifier the size of a toaster that gives you the quality of tone for BOTH electric and acoustic instruments that you’d expect from a studio situation with enough volume to cover almost any gig?  Of course you do.  That’s why if you play guitar, or any stringed instrument with a pickup for that matter, you need a Bud.  The Bud has every feature you need and more than enough volume to get your bandmates or club manager to ask you to turn down, and coupled with the extension cabinet you can keep up with the heaviest-handed drummer with no problem.  The amp and cabinet are naturally feedback resistant which limits the need for artificial notch filtering and other suppression technologies that negatively effect your tone.

But it’s not all about size and volume, there are lots of tiny, loud amplifiers on the market.  You’ve tried them. You know what they sound like.  The Bud is different.  Henriksen Amplifiers is all about tone first, the incredibly portable size and feature set of The Bud were developed around the sound, not the other way around and you can definitely hear the difference.  Our pre-amp, from input to output, is designed using the highest grade audio components. We offer a 5-band EQ with carefully chosen center frequencies which were fine-tuned by ear to meet the demands of different playing environments using the widest possible array of musical instruments.  We give you two identical pre-amps, each with independent EQ and reverb and actual 48 volt phantom power, and an auxiliary input on each channel so that whatever you are using it for can be EQ’d separately from your instrument signal.

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