photo 20160807_114931_zpsdj5plwx9.jpg  photo 20160807_114845_zpsmltcfcbw.jpg  photo 20160807_114815_zps62bwwx1f.jpg  photo 20160807_114719_zpsextawzru.jpg  photo 20160807_114705_zpsgstdp30p.jpg  photo 20160807_114647_zps5zerh7kv.jpg  photo 20160807_114544_zpsuhar48gv.jpg  photo 20160807_114536_zpsvlgsuc34.jpg Authorized Dealer with full factory warranty.  Another American Classic Guitar that is made in America by the fine people at Heritage Guitars Inc. These H-535 are the ultimate in versatility, performance and playability. The neck joins the body at the 19th fret which allows for amazing fret access in a well balanced fitting guitar.

  Heritage is celebrating 30 years of handcrafting fine instruments in the famous Guitar factory at 225 Parsons Street in Kalamazoo, Michigan Formerly owned by The Gibson Guitar Corporation. The Heritage Guitars Inc. has achieved the status of being one of the premier guitar companies in the world today, still creating guitars by hand the way they did in the 1950's . Much of the machinery that Heritage uses today, has been in use for over 60 years in the famous 225 Parsons St. address, this vintage equipment was purchased from Gibson Guitar Corporation.
In many instances, The Heritage guitar line is handled by countless vintage shops throughout the world. A Heritage guitar is considered to be the NEW Vintage guitar and the future collectible guitar of tomorrow.
     The idea to start Heritage Guitar began when the Gibson Guitar Corporation closed its Kalamazoo, Michigan factory in September of 1984 and moved all production to its other plant in Nashville, Tennessee. When this took place, some of the employees were asked to move to Nashville. However, since their families had spent many years in Kalamazoo, it made it difficult to uproot and move. Therefore 3 men, Jim Deurloo, Marvin Lamb, and JP Moats, decided to start a guitar manufacturing business. In 1985 when the company was incorporated, 2 other former Gibson Guitar Corporation employees, Bill Paige and Mike Korpak, joined as owners. Mike left the company in 1985.
     The founders biggest resource is and was the experience the group of craftsmen they could draw from to begin operations. The owners themselves each had in excess of 25 years of hands on experience in making guitars. To this day each of the owners is directly involved in the manufacturing of each instrument.

Features include:

- This guitar is a Special Order dealer Spec'd guitar.
- Amazing Burnt Amber Translucent finish over Flamed maple has a rusty color. One of a kind off color finish!
- Straight Rosewood neck 24 3/4 Scale Dot Inlays 
- Light Semi Hollow body.
- 2 Jason Lollar P90 pickups
- Laminated Curly Maple Top and Back
- Super Comfortable 60's neck profile
- Tonepros Locking Bridge and Tailpiece
- Original "The Heritage"  Hardshell case $200
- 7 lbs 11 Oz
- .830 1st to .940 12th
- Fully setup and ready to rock!
- Authorized Heritage Dealer with full factory Warranty

Retails $3500+ w/ Case and Upgrades Discounted to $2599 includes FREE SHIPPING!

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