Telecaster Wiring - Independent Concentric V&T Control for Each Single Coil - OD caps

This is an ALL NEW, & EXCLUSIVE to HOAGLAND CUSTOM Telecaster wiring harness for standard Telecasters!

It features:
• 3-way lever style switching
• each single coil pickup has it's own volume & tone concentric control
• each single coil pickup has it's own capacitor - you can custom the value of cap to each pickup as needed (.022mfd on the bridge & .047mfd on the neck, etc)

This particular HOAGLAND CUSTOM wiring harness is setup to function best with 2 single coil pickups. We also build this (with different concentric pot values and different capacitor values for 2 humbucker pickups as well)

If you have ever wished that you had the benefit of 2 different values of caps to roll into your tone, this is your harness!

It fits right into the Tele electronics cavity and is simple to solder in. We include a very easy-to-understand wiring diagram.

HARDWARE: (included are dress washers/nuts and switch mounting screws)
• optional chrome control plate, concentric knob set, & mounting screws
• optional black control plate, concentric knob set, & mounting screws
• optional gold control plate, concentric knob set, & mounting screws

• Sprague "Orange Drop" poly capacitors (2), both caps are .047mfd value

• P1 – bridge only
• P2 – neck & bridge together (in-parallel)
• P3 – neck only

• 1 CTS brand concentric control, 250k/500k value, audio taper
• Sprague "Orange Drop" poly capacitors (2), .047mfd values
• high quality 3-way lever style switch
• Switchcraft mono input jack
• Vintage style, cloth covered wire
• Tech support phone & email

While we make all of our wiring harnesses to be installed rather easily, we always recommend that you take your guitar, HOAGLAND CUSTOM wiring harness, and the wiring diagram to your local guitar technician for installation. There are a lot of variables (grounding, pickup wires colors, etc., etc.) and they will be equipped to get your guitar sounding it’s BEST!

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All of our products are custom-made. ALL of them. That is, we do not maintain a large stock of pre-built wiring harnesses or pickups. Your wiring harness or pickup is not built until you order it. The reason for that is simple: this is a custom shop. We build our products to our client's specifications. As such, we try to be accommodating in accepting returns but there is a 40% restocking fee for doing so. Also, the buyer pays return shipping to Hoagland Custom. Your custom-built wiring harness might be perfect for you but the parts can't be used again and the harness that you ordered now must be sold to another guitar player. It might sit here in our shop for 6 months or a year before someone orders the exact same wiring harness. Or, it may never sell. We understand that, sometimes, you make a mistake in ordering something so we want to be sensitive to that. But, that comes at a cost. We appreciate your understanding.