'76 Ibanez Destroyer Bass, Near Mint ( 9.5 ) All original. OHC. It's a shame there aren't more of these Basses around so more people would know how great they sound. Perfectly balanced and with a deep woody tone. Plays effortlessly. Major cool factor. If you don't like buying mail order, come by my studio in St. Augustine and plug it in! "GREAT GUITAR"

Marty's Music

Near Mint
Original Hard
14 Years
Marty's Music
Marty Fab. 678 637-7968
678 637-7968
St. Augustine, Florida
8:47 AM
The web is 24/7. Ain't it wonderful. Call for an appointment and you can come to my studio and check out gear.

Personal checks are fine. Out of state checks clear in a day or two now. Wire transfers work. Sorry, no credit cards.

UPS mainly. In 45 years I've had one claim and they paid it. I don't like Fed Ex but I'll use them if you want. Don't expect them to pay a claim on a vintage guitar. Proper packing prevents problems. You got to double box expensive guitars and amps.

I don't buy anything I wouldn't want for myself. It's very rare I'll buy something that's not 100% original, but if it has changed tuner buttons or been refretted, I'll tell you. Detailed, accurate descriptions only. I go to a lot of trouble to pack this stuff right for shipping so it will arrive undamaged. 24 hour approval on guitars. I sell only really nice amps, fully serviced, no return on amps.