This rare 1975 Ibanez JL-70 Jetlyzer was made during the golden age of manufacturing for Japan (mid to late 1970s). Ibanez contracted with Maxon to build this and the rest of their line of effects pedals. The Jetlyzer was an 18 volt mono phase shifting pedal that featured an optional dramatic Jet sound that is anything but transparent. The Flying Pan was also offered by Ibanez at the time but was meant for stereo use and did not feature the Jet sound. From the Ibanez catalog:

“The Ibanez Jetlyzer is a new electronic effect for electric guitar, bass, organ, electric piano, synthesizer and other electronic musical instruments. It features a state of the art phase shifter along with a dramatic, sweeping jet plane effect that has many uses on stage and in the recording studio.”

This Ibanez Jetlyzer has survived in near perfect original condition and is being offered with the original packaging. It is in perfect working condition with no repairs. The original paint and graphics are very nice. The only sign of time on this pedal is the foam disintegration inside the battery compartment. There's no sign of oxidation or battery acid. This pedal is clean and ready to go.

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