'75 Ibanez Professional, EX++ (9.25) First year for this wonderfull Ibanez. Only the early ones had the single cut away and this one has the attractive block inlays. 100% original with virtually no play wear. The mid 70's Ibanez guitars are quality instuments at a very reasonable price. Way undervalued. Don't miss this rare Professional. Nice tweed Les Paul case included. ( The original cases didn't hold up well ) "Great Guitar"

Marty's Music

14 Years
Marty's Music
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The web is 24/7. Ain't it wonderful. Call for an appointment and you can come to my studio to check out gear.

Personal checks are fine. Out of state checks clear in a day or two now. Wire transfers work. Sorry, no credit cards.

UPS mainly. In 45 years I've had one claim and they paid it. I don't like Fed Ex but I'll use them if you want. Don't expect them to pay a claim on a vintage guitar. Proper packing prevents problems. You got to double box expensive guitars and amps.

I don't buy anything I wouldn't want for myself. It's very rare I'll buy something that's not 100% original, but if it has changed tuner buttons or been refretted, I'll tell you. Detailed, accurate descriptions only. I go to a lot of trouble to pack this stuff right for shipping so it will arrive undamaged. 24 hour approval on guitars. I sell only really nice amps, fully serviced, no return on amps.