IGS Audio ALTER 19" Single Channel FET Compressor


The ALTER COMP is a modern version of the classic 1960's FET compressor design by UREI

Manufacturer Description:

The Alter Comp is a modern development of the classic FET compressor designed in the 60’s by UREI. The device quickly became a canon of studio sound and was continually produced and replicated during the following years. The Alter compressor is designed using discrete elements only (bipolar transistors). The output is balanced by Carnhill or Edcor (USA) transformers. The compressor’s most important features are high level of amplification and wide range of gain reduction. Due to these features the device is undisputed in compressing vocals, drums and bass. The Alter compressor’s principle of operation doesn’t differ from typical circuits using {alternating, negative feedback}. The input signal is first divided among the the amp path (audio) and compression regulation path (sidechain). The audio path is a typical {multi-step/multi-level…} amp with transformer output. The output transformer balances the circuit and adjusts impedance to the 600 Ohm line standard. The element responsible for compression is the FET transistor, which reduces audio path {amplification/gain}. The compression threshold is set at a constant level and the compression depends on the Input, Attack and Release settings. The compressor has a unique, musical sound, which has been known for years from the best studio albums.

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