IGS Audio Cool Miner Pre-amplifier w/ Compression


The COOL MINER Channel is a single unit mic-line preamplifier with a 1176 type transistor compressor included. 

Manufacturer Description:

The COOL MINER Channel is built of two independent blocks. The first is a typical mic-line preamp and the other is a 1176 type transistor compressor. Both blocks are well-known, classical structures, also available as separate IGS Audio devices (NE72 preamp and Volfram compressor). The COOL MINER has separate input and output XLR connectors for both blocks. So you can use the preamp and compressor separately or combine them together using the LINK switch on the front of the device. The Preamp installed in the device has two degrees of amplification. After the input balanced transformer it is possible to use the pad in increments of 3 dB between the mic and line level (this is a new solution, used for the first time in the IGS Audio). Furthermore you can select from 12 positions for audio track amplification up to 60dB in 3dB increments. In addition, the preamp is equipped with a HiZ instrument input. To activate the HiZ input just connect the signal using a 6.3 mm Jack on the front. The device switches to the HiZ mode automatically. Other switches in the AMP section are: +48 V and PHASE. 

* Note: when the input is connected via HiZ the Mic input does not work.
The second section of the COOL MINER is the compressor. It is a classic FET type compressor known from the 70s – a balanced input based on the modern op-amp. Line transformer on output, driven by A-class transistor circuit. Additional features: Relay bypass and Ratio settings 1:1 and 2:1, not included in the original 1176.
Key features of the compressor are:
- Stepped gain control: Input and Output
- Mic/Line operation
- Phantom power, Pad, Phase reverse
- Ratio: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 12:1, 20:1
- SLAM mode
- 120Hz HPF Sidechain Filter
- 3 position Attack and Release switches: Fast, Mid, Slow
- GR / VU mode meter indication
- Relay Bypass
- Analog VU meter

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