IGS Audio Tubecore 3U Compressor


The IGS Audio Tubecore 3U is a variable-mu mastering compressor which allows the user to easily switch out the tubes via rear panel for even more versatility in coloration. 


Manufacturer Description:

The Tubecore was designed as a studio mastering compressor. It is built using the 3U enclosure, which gives necessary front panel clarity and makes it easier to replace tubes located at the back.

This design is based on the possibility to replace tubes. The user decides how the device should sound. The sound can be changed by changing the tubes in the back of the device. You can achieve the following effects:

  • 6N1P-EW – standard set of tubes, “standard” compression,
  • 6BC8/6BZ8 – tight, transparent, punchy compression,
  • 6386 – legendary compression, by famous twin triode,
  • 5670 – deep and dark tube compression.

After replacing the tubes, all that needs to be done is calibrating "Zero" on the VU Meter. You can do this using a small screwdriver on the rear panel of the device.

Basic new features of the Tubecore are:

  • Sidechain HPF,
  • MID/SIDE Processing,
  • WET/DRY Mixer,
  • All stepped manipulators,
  • Engineer’s custom tube set.

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