IGS Audio V8 Stereo Compressor


The IGS Audio V8 is a dual-mono compressor with discrete circuitry and built with Carnhill transformers.

Manufacturer Description:

The V8 compressor is built solely with discrete components and six Carnhill transformers (three per channel). The element responsible for the compression is the bridge composed of 4 pulse diodes matched by hand, according to carefully developed procedures. The device is constructed as a dual mono unit with the option of linking the sidechain circuity. All manipulators are stepped, for excellent channel matching. The V8 compressor is also equipped with a HPF Sidechain. This feature allows you to cut the lowest frequencies from the signal, before they hit the compressor stage and allow, for example the kick drum, to go thru without the pumping effect. An additional switch on the front (+10THR) lowers the compressor's threshold level by an extra 10dB. This feature is useful when compressing very low signals or for very strong compression. The typical application for IGS V8 is bus compression. However, due to its nature and the incredible range of tone and colo rsettings, use of the V8 compressor is unlimited.

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