IGS Audio VANAD 500-Series Preamp


An incredibly flexible 500-series preamp with a unique sonic twist on the proven Neve sound. 

What we think:

The VANAD's color was perhaps the first thing that caught my ear. Possessing a similar harmonic vibe and gain staging of a Neve, the VANAD's color was saturated and rich, but very unique. A slightly more extended top-end suggests the VANAD would be right at home in modern productions, but also possesses enough of that classic mid-range to work very well with vintage-voiced instruments. 

The VANAD performed incredibly well on both clean and overdriven electric guitars, where it's rich tonality complimented the amps harmonic content to make the guitar sound even more exciting. Set to a more clean, input-dependent setting for acoustic guitars and vocals, the VANAD allowed the detail and clarity of the performance come through while adding a hint of warmth and fullness. The VANAD also accepts line level singles and can be used as a colored line driver, for example adding some grit and transformer-based warmth to a DI'd bass track or even to overdrive a drum buss if using a pair of VANAD modules. 

Like all IGS Modules, the VANAD feels like it'll last a lifetime. Quality components and assembly suggest the lines currently known for their "built like a tank" quality may need to step up their game to remain as leaders in the category. 

In summary, the VANAD is an incredibly flexible 500 series pre with a unique sonic twist on the proven Neve sound. 

Manufacturer Description:

The module is transformer balanced on inputs and outputs using Carnhill transformers.

All regulators on the front panel are stepped (switches)

VANAD 500 is designed in the API 500 standard. 

Front Panel Features:

  • IN – input level: from 0dB(Line) to +30dB(Mic); step = 3dB
  • OUT – output level: from +0dB to +30dB; step = 3dB
  • HPF switch – 6dB/Oct high pass filter: OFF/30/100Hz
  • Ø switch – phase reverse: ON/OFF
  • +48V switch – phantom power: ON/OFF
  • XLR/HiZ – input: HiZ (front) / XLR (rear)

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