Indigo Amps are amazing handmade boutique amps that have an very unique warm and versatile sound and are made from the highest quality components.
The McD is The answer to the channel switching amp players dream. This baby can take you from those open and crystal clean tones that we all love in those "BF" amps and then go straight to hell and back with completely over-the-top gain while still preserving the tonal complexity of that guitar of yours.

Combine that with their signature buffered effects loop or an all tube reverb (both powered by a single 12AX7), and, well, there you have it. This head is powered by two 6L6s's and 4 12ax7's at 50 watts. Due to the circuit design these amps have a lot more character than your usual 6L6 powered head.

We are very proud to be carrying these amazing handmade amps!!!!

Mountain Cat Guitars

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