InnerTube Audio Atomic Squeeze Box - Dual Dynamics Processor


Incredible sounding stereo dynamics processor from InnerTube Audio.

Manufacturer Description:

The Atomic Squeeze Box Dual is a dual channel , or stereo version of the original Atomic Squeeze Box. 


The ASB is designed to control the amplitude of an audio signal that is passed through it while imparting virtually none of the sonic artifacts traditionally associated with compression and limiting. In short, our intention is that it does not have a sound, though we certainly hope it is this very fact that will help make your final product sound better.


As such, it can take a little getting used to, and new users sometimes find themselves experimenting with steep ratios and low thresholds just to "hear it working." As you learn to dial in exactly what you need, though, we think you'll begin to find that owning an ASB is best compared to having a skilled assistant, who knows the program material backwards and forwards, riding faders.

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