Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Amp Head - Black & Ivory


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What we think:

Jackson Ampworks has landed here at SoundPure, and we are more than thrilled about the results! The Britain 4.0 was one of the first ones we plugged up - and we were hooked from the first note we dug into. The amp is so versatile - between the power scaling, gain readily on tap and massive amounts of headroom, you're able to dial in about any sound you see fit for the moment.

The first channel reminds me of a more versatile lead channel - breaks up just a little quicker and has a little bit more of that oomph you need to really pierce and cut through the mix. The second channel is reminiscent of a top-boosted circuit, really giving out those chimey cleans that compliment almost any sound. The amp has enough gain on tap where you don't necessarily need the overdrive pedal or distortion you've been using for so long to give your amp that extra push, because the Britain 4.0 is already capable of it. The EL34 setting has a lot of sizzle to it, while the EL84 toggle brings some snap and sparkle back to your overall tone. Blending the two is sonic bliss! Correctly dial in that perfect mix and your ears will feel some euphoric frequencies. The amp really responds to the player; touch sensitive and incredibly dynamic! You're able to really show off all the fine details of the work you're putting into the music.

An even balance across the tonal spectrum, power scaling to fit all occasions and an amp that's able to do everything from country, to worship, to straight up rock and roll. The Jackson Ampworks line has completely won us over and The Britain 4.0 is a prime example of why.

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