Jackson Ampworks Scarlett 30 Amp Head - Navy & Ivory


The perfect amp for the church players, open and airy cleans with resolve and definition as pretty as a wind chime!

What we think:

The Scarlett 30 is a great take on a classic top-boosted amp circuit from our friends over the Atlantic. Specifically designed with Praise and Worship players in mind, the Scarlett 30 is an absolute wonder to work with. Executing euphoric and bliss-inducing cleans that chime with an airy openness all it's own. Perfectly paired with a low-medium gain drive to push the preamps, you get a stoic and saturated creamy drive that really shines to the guitar's natural tone. The sound of the amp is absolutely delectable - once you've tried one guitar through it, you need to try them all. I found myself starting off with a Suhr Classic T and minutes later playing a Duesenberg Starplayer TV, and finally a Michael Tuttle Standard Classic S. All 3 guitars are worlds apart, but all 3 sounded absolutely phenomenal through the Scarlett. The amount of headroom enables playing venues of all sizes with ease, and power scaling really add's to that. There will never be a moment you can't ring in that perfect tone at any appropriate volume. Lastly, the Tone knob works in tandem with the treble, mid, and bass controls perfectly. Keep the tone knob back for a fatter and darkened sound or crank to taste to add sparkle and definition to a flat or dry sound. Between home use, in the studio or on stage, the Scarlett 30 is the perfect amp for the discerning ear looking for professional quality.

Manufacturer Description:

The Scarlett 30

The Scarlett 30™ is our take on the classic Top Boost AC30 circuit with several very useful additions that take a classic tone and bring it up to date!

Designed specifically for musicians who play church music, the Scarlett 30 is fully featured, very affordable and offers many of the features and tones that church players need on a weekly basis.

Designed With You In Mind.
Our focus when designing the Scarlett 30 was to design an amplifier that could be used by musicians in any size venue and still be affordable.  Whether you play stadiums or small 50 seat chapels, you need an amp that will perform in any of those environments without sacrificing your tone, and the Scarlett 30 does that perfectly. Big or small room, low or high volume, the Scarlett 30 will cover any sound across the tonal spectrum and do them all with ease.
Features You Will Actually Use.
The Top Boost AC30 circuit is such a tremendous sounding circuit and has been used in every genre from country to rock but with all of its benefits, it is lacking one very important feature that would have made it perfect: A Mid-Range Control.
With the inclusion of a Mid-Range control, the Scarlett 30 allows the player to start with the classic tone of a Top Boost AC30 and tweak out the all too important mid-range tones to fit the mix perfectly.
Power When You Need It. Flexibility When You Don’t.
In addition to the Mid-Range control, we wanted to create an amp for players that would perform flawlessly at low volume levels, and power scaling is the perfect solution. With the power scaling, you can roll the volume back for a small room or crank it in a stadium without any tone loss! The amp retains the sponginess of the tube rectifier and still has incredible attack even when running it at 1/8W! The amp is also super responsive. Whether you play delicate or heavy handed, the amp responds accordingly regardless of where the power is set.
Clean Headroom
Finally, the last thing we wanted to address is the amount of headroom the Scarlett 30 has. Since most church players use a lot of pedals, we wanted the Scarlett 30 to be able to handle whatever the player might throw in front of it. Whether you’re searching for a super clean tone or something far more gritty, the Scarlett 30 achieves this effortlessly!
Proven Performance
The Scarlett 30 was developed over a period of more than a year of design, redesign and tweaking to deliver one of the most flexible and useful amplifiers on the market. Whether you are a church player or a player who loves the class sound of a Top Boost AC30 but needs more flexibility, the Scarlett 30 was made for you.

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