Here is a custom made Jackson Stand up Pedal Steel One Neck with 8 Strings and 4 pedals.

1 & 2 = 4 Chord
3 & 4 = Minor 7th
2= G minor
4= Dom 7th

Pedal 1 raises G# a 1/2 step
Pedal 2 "G" Minor raises string 3 & 6 whole step
Pedal 3 Drops G# 1/2 Step
Pedal 4 Drops String 5 a whole step

Tuning on this one is:
1: F#
2: E
3: B
4: G#
5: E
6: B
7: E
8: B

Comes with a hardshell case.

Year Condition Case
Call Near Mint Original Hard


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