JDK Audio V12 500-Series Compressor


The JDK Audio V12 is a single channel compressor featuring API's patented award winning compressor circuit.

Manufacturer Description:

The V12 is the same compressor circuit originally designed into the ATI Paragon mixing consoles. It conforms to API's 500 Series format and is a member of API's VPR Alliance.
The unit includes the patented THRUST® circuitry to protect the sensitive high frequency content of the audio signal even under the most vigorous of compression ratios. The perfect companion to your V10 mic-preamp and V14 EQ, the V12 compressor provides comprehensive easy-to-use control of the audio signal with concise LED metering of both output and gain reduction. Two channels can even be linked for use as a stereo compressor with true RMS power summing of the left and right signals.


•    Patented THRUST circuit
•    Variable Threshold, Ratio, and Make-up Gain controls
•    Individual metering of output level and gain reduction
•    Above threshold LED indication
•    Switchable Hard or Soft Knee compression
•    Switchable In or Bypass mode
•    Linkable for stereo operation with true RMS power summing

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