This is one of the very nicest, and very rarest sets of 19th-century Martin tuning machines we’ve ever come across. Made by the French firm of Jerome, these are the type of tuners that Martin was using in their earlier years, from about 1840-1850. This is a no-nonsense, completely original set; the gear screws are quite intact and have never been removed, all of the gears and worms are in excellent mechanical condition, and there is virtually no play in them anywhere. They are in remarkable condition. I have probably had them for fifty years or more, and what they really need at this point is the right guitar to be put on. Spacing of the posts is 1-1/2” between gears, or 3" between 1-3 and 4-6 if you will. The plates are of course of German silver, with beautiful little leaf-and-flower patterns embossed around each of the mounting screw holes. The name JEROME is impressed into the top of each plate. Finding a set of these in any condition today is not likely; a set like this, needing only careful cleaning to be 99% perfect, is near impossible. $2000

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