Joeco BBR1 Blackbox Recorder


24 track live audio recorder

Manufacturer Description:

The BLACKBOX RECORDER is a novel concept in live recording technology - a multi-track for the 21st century. it is no longer necessary to dismantle your home studio or recording studio to take a complete Digital Audio Workstation into a live venue to capture your live performance.

The BLACKBOX RECORDER plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points and not only allows for the capture of the performance but also will record the sound check to help set the foldback mixes and allow the performers to hear the live mix for themselves. In difficult acoustic spaces it also lets the sound engineer achieve the best balance without exhausting the band with endless rehearsals before the gig.

The BLACKBOX RECORDER provides 24 tracks of audio recording directly onto a removable USB2 disk drive that can be immediately plugged into your Digital Audio Workstation after the gig.

Recording the audio at up to 96kHz and at 24 bit resolution into standard Broadcast Wave (BWAV) files on a standard FAT32 formatted drive allows the user to replay the material on any workstation. Just unplug the disk from the back of the BLACKBOX RECORDER and plug it into your workstation as an external disk. No copying or reassembling your studio is required and you have every mixer input recorded and available to create the perfect live remix.

For really large multi-track recordings, multiple BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained together and operated from a single control surface.

The unit has been designed to be as simple as possible to operate, recognising that during a live performance the sound engineer will naturally need to concentrate on the sound for the audience and the performers.

Consequently, having connected up the unit to the desk the BBR1 defaults to all tracks being armed ready for record; just pressing Record will start the recording. If the record button is pressed again whilst in record, the BLACKBOX RECORDER will automatically start a new recording so that each song can be easily identified later. To end a recording requires the STOP button to be held for 2 seconds to ensure that the recording cannot be stopped accidentally.

A foot switch input is also provided and can be set up to duplicate the record button function so that the engineer doesn't even have to move away from the console.


*24 track audio recorder
* Virtual Sound Check Facility
* 24bit/96kHz conversion
* Simple User interface
* Zero Latency: Inputs routed directly to output during record via relay for safety against power failure
* Keyboard input for naming tracks and songs
* Data entry wheel for navigating menus and making adjustments
* Scrub function for finding loop points
* AES / SPDIF word clock
* Linear time code (LTC) & MIDI time code
* SONY PII (9-pin) control
* Records to standard USB2 drive in BWF format - Instant import into DAW
* Multiple BLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained for really large multi-track recordings
* Applications as standalone multichannel recorder for use in studios, conferences, conventions, logging and monitoring

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