John Hardy M-1 Microphone Preamplifier, 4 Channel


4 Channel Mic-Pre

What we think:

In shootout after shootout the John Hardy M-1 is always a top contender and is often the preferred mic pre for acoustic guitar. You can literally smell the wood. The M-1 was first introduced in 1987 - long before everybody and his brother was making a mic pre. When we started testing and using mic pres in A/B sessions a few years ago we called John Hardy to see if he'd like to send an M-1 to us for comparison. We'd bought a pair of M-1's for a studio in 1989 and used them - and loved them. The M-1 [ and some very loooong conversations with John Hardy in '89 ] was our first introduction to the use of superior external mic pres. Fast forward to 2002 - we wanted to see how the M-1 had held up over time with so much mic pre competition on the market. After the M-1 arrived and we fired it up we were not disappointed! The M-1 is a "clean" mic pre. The Jensen 990 opamp and the Jensen transformer adds just enough "traction" and "grip" to the sound that the result is natural and pleasing to the ears. It just sounds "right".

When you order a John Hardy M-1 we highly recommend you get them "loaded" - with the VU-1 meter and JT-11-BMQ Jensen output transformer. All of our M-1 prices reflect those options included. If for some reason you'd like to order different configurations of options, please contact us and well get you the appropriate pricing.

Manufacturer Description:

The M-1 Mic Preamp is among the finest mic preamps in the world. It provides the accuracy and transparency that is missing in other mic preamps. No matter what your application, the M-1 will provide superior sound quality. The world's best input transformer (Jensen JT-16-B), best op-amp (990 discrete op-amp) and the elimination of all capacitors from the signal path combine to provide the highest performance.

The M-1 has a 19" wide mainframe rack-mount chassis (1.75"H x 19"W x 8"D) and can be ordered with 1 to 4 channels. There are two meter options and the best Jensen output transformer (JT-11-BMQ) is also available as an option. Additional channels and options can be easily added later up to the total capacity of the mainframe.

The M-1 was introduced in 1987 and while sonically identical to the M-2 there are a few control differences. The M-1 has a two-section gain-pot providing continuously variable adjustment in two overlapping ranges that are selected by the "HIGH GAIN" switch. (The M-2 has a 16 position gain-switch with 1% metal-film resistors providing accurate and repeatable gain settings. Since the "HIGH GAIN" switch isn't necessary, the M-2 is available with either a "20 OHM MIC" switch OR a "20dB PAD" switch).


* JT-16-B Input Transformer. Jensen's best mic input model.

* 990 Discrete Op-Amp. Faster, quieter, more powerful and better sounding than typical monolithic op-amps.

* Elimination Of All Coupling Capacitors From The Signal Path. Results in less degradation of the audio signal.

Standard Features:

* Dual Range Gain Control And 'High Gain' Switch. Provides great feel and resolution for easy and accurate adjustments.

* Polarity Reverse Switch.

* Phantom Power Switch.

* All Front Panel Switches Are LED Illuminated.

* Gold Plated XLR Connectors for maximum reliability.

* Ground Lift Switch On Each Channel. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.

* Toroidal Power Transformer With Additional Shielding. Eliminates hum problems so no external power supply is needed.

* Universal Power Supply. Internal switch provides six primary voltage choices to accommodate use anywhere in the world.

* Chassis Ground Isolation Switch. Helpful for eliminating ground loops.

* Built To Order, the way YOU want It. Various options can be easily field installed at a later date.


* VU-1 meter. Very accurate and informative 20 segment LED meter card with separate peak LED for monitoring preamp output.

* PK-1 Peak LED metering only (not required if VU-1 is installed).

* JT-11-BMQ Output Transformer. Jensen's best line output transformer.

* Pin 2 Or Pin 3 High. Can be ordered either way and internal jumpers make changes in the field easy.

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