Suhr Corso 5-Watt Portable Recording Amplifier


The Suhr Corso is a superb low gain recording amp !!!

What we think:

This is a supurb low gain recording amp that is the perfect pedal platform for capturing your sonic ideas without disturbing anyone in the home.

When you bring the master Volume down on the Corso it lowers the signal going to the cab but not to the direct signal. So when the "Boss" asks you to turn down as it's after midnight (and your still layi' down ideas) you can bring your room volume down and not effect your signal going to your reorder - what a great idea !!!

I love this amp :)



Manufacturer Description:

The Suhr Corso Recording Amplifier is the ideal studio companion.

Corso is an all-tube no compromise variable wattage amplifier (up to 5 watts) 
that provides players with all the tone and character of a high powered amplifier in a compact,
portable form factor - perfect for any recording studio application or bedroom practice session.

Corso is packed with a number of features which give players incredible flexibility for carving out their ideal sound. With the on-board attenuator, Corso can be easily transformed from the most complex and detailed clean tones, to a wall of harmonically rich overdriven lead tones at any volume. 

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